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Phonics & spelling support
for older learners too.

Vibrant, carefully sequenced structured literacy activities. Quick to set up and bridge learning across home, interventions and the classroom.

Vibrant phonics and phonemic awareness games for learners 9+

Spellcaster has been carefully designed to appeal to older learners as much as young ones.

Teacher built for parents and educators.

Spellcaster is the product of a decade teaching in urban and rural schools with teenagers who required significant reading support. Every part of Spellcaster has been carefully designed to fit the needs of learners and those supporting them including parents, speech therapists, tutors and teachers.

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Core reading skills appropriate for older learners

Spellcaster is designed to feel appropriate for older learners who are working on fundamental reading skills.

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Engaging activities that put learning first

Over 30 levels of carefully sequenced activities to support phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling and sentence formation.

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Unrivalled data & insights

Review learner activity, and receive actionable and meaningful insights about their progress.

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Learn to mastery

Learners continue to encounter words until they can achieve 90%+ accuracy.

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Helpful Audio Prompts

Structured literacy activities can feel daunting. Every activity in Spellcaster includes audio prompts to help guide learners.

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Robust systematic scope and sequence

The Spellcaster scope and sequence has been developed in close consultation with speech therapists and literacy experts to follow best practices in synthetic phonics

Affordable, transparent pricing

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  • 🎮 30+ levels of fully voiced activities
  • 📚 Robust scope and sequence
  • 📈 Meaningful data and insights
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For the next 251 to 500$1.750$0.00
Each license over 500$1.500$0.00
Total:$0.00 /month

We aim to price Spellcaster transparently and fairly to make it accessible for families, speech therapists, and schools. Need to discuss pricing?Contact RupertContact Rupert.